What’s next for the 2nd LD?

Last Friday I reluctantly but resolutely called for Graham Hunt to resign over many questions regarding his service records and claims. This was not an easy position for me to be in for several reasons. Not the least of which was that to do so was to put our friendship on the fence. I believe Graham used his closest friends to spread untrue statements about himself for political gain, and though he did much great work while he served, a fundamental aspect of conservative philosophy, trust, was irreparably broken.

I believe, in his declaration of resignation, Graham is doing the right thing, and that in time this issue which has split the district will be something that makes us stronger.  In the wake of his resignation, a process will now begin to appoint his replacement. The second legislative district precinct committee officers will meet shortly and nominate a panel of three candidates to be chosen from for appointment by a joint panel consisting of the Pierce County Council and Thurston County Commissioners. The appointee will have to run to maintain their seat in the general election this November. Although this is a multipart process, it will move quickly as it is imperative we have a smooth transition in this position.

In addition to being ready to commence a campaign immediately at the end of this year’s session, the appointee should be someone who reflects the values of our district and the values of conservatism in general. Including the ability to stand up for what’s right even when others seek to cover up liabilities.

Having worked closely with Graham for five years, I am familiar with the items he has been working on and the items he hoped to accomplish. I was a supporter in both public and private of several of these initiatives, and I am ready to continue the pursuit & re-establishment of limited government and personal liberty that he and so many more across our district have been working for.

When the PCO’s for the second district meet, I will be seeking nomination for the open legislative seat vacated by Graham Hunt. As the recent winner in two contested races this last year, I show a clear history of delivering results and engaging voters across the county. And as a persistently open and dedicated public servant in the City of Orting and now Pierce County, I have the breadth of experience and network to make an immediate impact.

by Josh Penner // For Immediate Release // January 29, 2016 February 2nd, 2016 (see explanation)

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