Correction to Previous Release

On Feb 2nd at 7:33 PM, I published a post: What’s Next for the 2nd LD?

At the top of the post is the dateline and subject matter.  And at the bottom of the post, within the text of the statement is the line

“by Josh Penner // For Immediate Release // January 29, 2016”

This is a mistake and has been brought to my attention that it makes the post look as if it was written and published prior to the date it actually was published.

The post was written the evening of the 2nd, after learning of Rep Hunt’s resignation while driving home from attending a Pierce County Council meeting (records of my attendance are available as I signed in to the meeting).

Upon getting home, I had received a message that several folks were actively seeking support to pursue this the open seat, and one PCO was in fact drafting a letter which he has subsequently released – notifying the PCO’s that he is seeking nomination for the open seat.

Within this letter is also the statement,

“There is no other way for me to say it: He (Hunt) is lying. Graham told me the story of how he joined the Marines, and it does not match his actual military record. I was not having a mistaken inference…Joshua Penner is taking some heat because he has also come forward to call this out… But he is telling the truth. Josh and I are not the only people with this same story.” 

I announced that evening because if I announced in two days or two weeks, the opposition narrative would be the same by those close to this situation.  I will always have to say to others why I told the truth when it would have been easy to say nothing.  My response will be that if you want someone who will tell the truth in Olympia, they have to be someone who’s willing to tell the truth here in the 2nd LD first.

by Josh Penner // For Immediate Release // February 4, 2016

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