Thank you for visiting my website.  At times things move pretty fast so this is a wonderful place for me to keep everyone up to date and to provide my supporters (and perhaps others as well) insights into the issues I am blessed to be involved with.

In November of 2012 you elected me to represent you again on the Orting City Council and for the first time as a Charter Review Commissioner.  You have come to know this website as a place to hear my message.  As of this time, I am not involved in any campaign except to deliver to those I represent the best representation possible.

Look below to find the latest posts on this page and upcoming events.

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An Open Letter about Graham Hunt (Part 2)

An Open Letter about Graham Hunt (Part 2) There exists an open wound in the 2nd LD that needs mending, it runs deep and the damage is personal as much as it is political. Graham hunt resigned, this was the right thing for him to do, and it reflects what I