Josh Penner

Thanks for stopping by to learn a bit more about me.  Here’s a little bit of my story so far 🙂


I am a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps (USMC) and the Iraq War, having served from 2004-2011.  As a Marine, I was trained in communications and leadership.  I’m proud of my service and I am very active in the Veteran community here in the Pacific Northwest. 

You can find out more about my unwavering support of Veterans here.  

Small Business Owner

Since 2011, I’ve owned a small business here in Orting.  I’m keenly aware of the challenges small business owners face, and I’ve made it a mission to understand how we can make Orting more accommodating for the next business owner looking to setup shop here in town.  


Leadership is hard to define, but is evident in action.  A leader brings people together, and a leader gets things done.  Since January 2012 I have represented you as a Council-member.  

In that time I’ve led the following :

  • The adoption of the online utility bill presentation and payment solution.
  • Negotiating with Safeway corporate staff and lobbyists to get additional security measures in their liquor section.
  • Mitigating/eliminating the dust impact on local homes from city vehicles on Rocky Road.
  • Championing alternative parking solutions for Whitehawk Park.
  • Placing a bright light at the Foothills trial (at Whitehawk Blvd) so kids can cross a (well lit) busy road on their way to school.
  • In committee, hiring a lobbyist to help shake loose funding for the Calistoga Setback Levy
  • Creating the Orting Citizens Blotter so that the community can communicate on issues important to them
  • Bringing Proposition 1 to the ballot so that citizens can determine if they wish to pay for additional police officers
  • Representing the citizens of Orting and the rest of Pierce County Council District #1 on the Pierce County Charter Review Commission
  • Participating in the SR 162 Route study – ensuring that the study received ample survey submissions from Orting
  • Being elected by council – Deputy Mayor in 2015
  • and much more…


My wife, Tricia, and two boys, Matthew and Luke, live off Leber St near downtown.  Matthew and Luke both attend Orting’s elementary schools.  Tricia is an amazing middle school science teacher. 



Elections & Appointments

Professional Background 

February 2004, Enlisted in the United States Marine Corps through the delayed entry program (DEP). April 2004, began Boot Camp at MCRD San Diego. July 2004, Graduated Boot Camp at MCRD San Diego and attended MCT at the School of Infantry in San Onefre (Camp Pendleton). MCT is conducted at the SOI but is distinctly different and abbreviated from the ITB which trains grunts. August 2004, Graduated MCT and shipped to Marine Corps Communications and Electronics School (MCCES) for Field Radio Operators Course (FROC). October 2004, Graduated FROC 36-04 and checked in to 4th Landing Support Battalion, my reserve unit in Ft. Lewis, WA. May 2006, Activated to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom June 2006, Checked into 1st Combat Logistics Battalion (CLB-1) in Camp Pendleton, CA for deployment workup. August 2006, Deployed to Iraq. Spent a couple days in Kuwait on the way to Iraq. August 2006-March 2007, Iraq deployment, my role was Combat Logistics Operations Center (CLOC) radio operator, where I was responsible for maintaining communications with the command for the entire battalions convoy operations. My post was within the CLOC and I worked 12 hour days every day, except for the first month or so where I worked 8 hour shifts. My job was very high stress (for me) but low risk. March 2007, I checked back into 4th Landing Support Battalion at Ft Lewis after having an Honorable Discharge to my Title 10 activation. June 2007, I returned to drilling at Ft Lewis/Joint Base Lewis McChord. Early 2011, I discharged into the Inactive Ready Reserve (IRR) for the remainder of my eight year contracted enlistment. February 2012, My contracted enlistment ended, I received my DD256 Honorable Discharge Certificate.

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