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Thanks for stopping by to learn a bit more about me.  Here’s a little be of my story so far 🙂

I am a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps (USMC) and the Iraq War, having served from 2004-2011. While still serving as a reservist in the Marines, I completed my Bachelor’s Degree from Saint Martins University in Lacey, WA, focusing on Business Administration and Management Information Systems.

Starting around 2009 I began to work intensively with Veterans throughout Washington State, helping them to navigate resources and benefits and often advocating for them within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Washington Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA), and any other system that they as Veterans would come in contact with.

With a strong foundation in small team leadership, process analysis & improvement, and general desire to make things around me better… I started participating in community conversations and programmatic discussions regarding Veterans resources and programs in Mental Health, Legal Services, Higher Education, and Disability Advocacy.

I’m truly proud of the work I’ve done in the Veterans support space.  My biggest personal achievements for Veterans advocacy include having developed strategic plans and professional development curricula for agencies and other advocates to improve their levels of support (in essence, to do more and be more effective with the resources they already have).  In doing this work I’ve had great opportunities to connect with leaders across the pacific northwest, and even helped advocate for Veterans in Washington DC!  Closer to home I still teach a class at the Criminal Justice Training Center on Veterans and Crisis Intervention.

In fact, working with law enforcement agencies has been a natural wellspring opportunity that has developed out of my work with Veterans and is now something I have been able to incorporate into my knowledge and capabilities as a Council-member here in Orting.

Since January 2012 I have represented you as a Council-member.  In 2015, you re-elected me and also elected me to represent you in the Pierce County Charter Review Commission (a constitutional convention for Pierce County’s charter).  

I’ve had many successes as your council member, and I intend to share them with you as this election season develops. 

In the meantime, you’ll certainly see me around Orting, usually accompanied by my wife, Tricia, and our two young boys, Matthew & Luke.



Elections & Appointments

Professional Background 

February 2004, Enlisted in the United States Marine Corps through the delayed entry program (DEP). April 2004, began Boot Camp at MCRD San Diego. July 2004, Graduated Boot Camp at MCRD San Diego and attended MCT at the School of Infantry in San Onefre (Camp Pendleton). MCT is conducted at the SOI but is distinctly different and abbreviated from the ITB which trains grunts. August 2004, Graduated MCT and shipped to Marine Corps Communications and Electronics School (MCCES) for Field Radio Operators Course (FROC). October 2004, Graduated FROC 36-04 and checked in to 4th Landing Support Battalion, my reserve unit in Ft. Lewis, WA. May 2006, Activated to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom June 2006, Checked into 1st Combat Logistics Battalion (CLB-1) in Camp Pendleton, CA for deployment workup. August 2006, Deployed to Iraq. Spent a couple days in Kuwait on the way to Iraq. August 2006-March 2007, Iraq deployment, my role was Combat Logistics Operations Center (CLOC) radio operator, where I was responsible for maintaining communications with the command for the entire battalions convoy operations. My post was within the CLOC and I worked 12 hour days every day, except for the first month or so where I worked 8 hour shifts. My job was very high stress (for me) but low risk. March 2007, I checked back into 4th Landing Support Battalion at Ft Lewis after having an Honorable Discharge to my Title 10 activation. June 2007, I returned to drilling at Ft Lewis/Joint Base Lewis McChord. Early 2011, I discharged into the Inactive Ready Reserve (IRR) for the remainder of my eight year contracted enlistment. February 2012, My contracted enlistment ended, I received my DD256 Honorable Discharge Certificate.

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