• Event Time:
  • Location: Pierce County Annex Building, Conference Room D

Our regularly weekly Pierce County Charter Review meeting (7pm every Wednesday for the foreseeable future).

We will be hearing ideas on amendments to Charter sections 10, 8, 7, & 6

The items noted to discuss include:

Article 10: Section 10.4: County Council Compensation

Article 10: Section 10.45: County Executive Compensation

Article 8: Section 8.6: Amendments for Council

Article 6: Section 6.15: Presentation of Six Year Plan

Article 6: Section 6.4: Comprehensive Planning Message

Article 6: Section 7: Additional Capital Budget Appropriations

Article 6: N0 section assigned: Biennial Budget

I will be presenting my ideas on items 10.4 & 10.45 – County Council and Executive Compensation.  I will be posting a blog on my discussion proposals prior to the meeting. 

Any member of the public that chooses to attend will be allowed 3 minutes to testify on any topic related to the Pierce County Charter.

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