An Open Letter about Graham Hunt (Part 2)

There exists an open wound in the 2nd LD that needs mending, it runs deep and the damage is personal as much as it is political. Graham hunt resigned, this was the right thing for him to do, and it reflects what I believed he should have done. He did the right thing in resigning and now it’s time for us to support him.

Yesterday, I read a statement placed in the responses to Graham’s resignation announcement. The comment stated he should..

“Just go and commit suicide, that’s what people with PTSD do anyway!”

A number of other statements called him names, impugned his relationships with friends, constituents, and God, and still others were pure hate.

Many people were hurt by the issues that created this situation. Others were hurt by the issues that this situation brought to light. On both sides there were many who wouldn’t say anything when it mattered yet were so quick to say it when there was no consequence.

While it is true that Graham Hunt’s resignation was a consequence of his actions, mistakes don’t define the potential good in men. Let me tell you why we should reach out to Graham and offer support.

When my second son was born, it was extraordinarily traumatic for us. He had a rough birth and ended up spending time in the NICU (ICU for babies). Graham was one of the first people to call when the message was that I was not going to be around for a couple weeks – offering to bring food, supplies, or anything else I needed.  This small piece of humanity is a small part of the man that is Graham Hunt.  And though he did purposefully mislead me and critically injure my trust, he deserves compassion for this and so many reasons.

This is one thing I remember, and if you read through the statements left on Graham’s page, there are other examples. Graham and his family have supported others through tough times, many others. They deserve the same tip of the hat.

This isn’t a call for atonement, it is a call for humanity. For a good man going through a hard time. And a statement about a man and his politics. Graham Hunt represented an idea that isn’t dead. Personal liberty is a powerful ideal and the 2nd LD will continue to champion this idea in the future. A future that I sincerely believe Graham Hunt helped to create.

by Josh Penner // For Immediate Release // February 4th, 2016

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