Challenging Times Require a


Leader Like Josh Penner

We know that Mayor Josh Penner will keep his promises because he’s been a conservative leader, actually doing the thing he says.

Josh Penner’s values-based plan for Washington

Protect our community’s health and our healthy economy.

Good leaders know we must have both, and Josh Penner has proven his commitment to protecting our community and working to reopen our local economy – safely.

Be careful with taxpayer money.

Josh has the best record of any candidate for being a smart budget writer, and that’s a good thing because our state budget will be in terrible shape. Olympia spent too much during good times, and now that we’re facing the worst budget in generations, we need leaders like Josh Penner to help fix this mess.

Defend our values.

Our community is unique. We’re small towns and suburbs. We’re farms, forests and people who love their freedom. The politics of Seattle have never worked for us, from COVID-19 to drug-related crime and vagrancy, Josh Penner will stand up for us.