Small business is the life of our community.  Whether it is reducing red tape, advocating for lower B&O taxes, or even giving a break, by way of business license fee removal, to those businesses that are just getting established, the results speak for themselves.  Healthier business, healthier community.  

In 2018, I got into a heated debate at the Association of Washington Cities conference.  The topic, the efficacy of business licenses.  More-or-less, what’s the value provided to the business for paying the license vs what’s the value provided to the city for having the license paid for?  After a decade in municipal government, I still cannot figure out what value either party gets in this transaction.  Which is why I proposed to the Orting City Council to eliminate business license fees altogether. 

Unfortunately, you can’t win 100% of what you want in every political battle and we compromised at any business doing less than $10k gross sales per year in Orting would have a $0 business license fee. Anything above that would be $50.  

Here is the introductory Ordinance in 2018.

Mayor Josh Penner Reduces Business License Fees in Orting

In 2019, the Orting City Council re-affirmed my license fee structure. 


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