Facing a massive gasoline tax increase by an unelected board of bureaucrats, Orting Mayor Josh Penner and the Orting City Council passed a resolution outlining in the clearest possible terms, the PSCAA’s overreach and false premises. Mayor Penner introduced the concept of a council-mayor resolution and the council passed the resolution 6-1 on January 29th, 2020.

Strong leadership need not be silent leadership.

We need to be heard when faced with unfair and unethically derived taxes.

Josh Penner Orting Mayor Res-No-2020-2-Opposing-the-City-to-the-PSCAA-Carbon-Fuel-Tax_Page_1-1024x1024 Josh Penner Orting Mayor Res-No-2020-2-Opposing-the-City-to-the-PSCAA-Carbon-Fuel-Tax_Page_2-1024x1024 Josh Penner Orting Mayor Res-No-2020-2-Opposing-the-City-to-the-PSCAA-Carbon-Fuel-Tax_Page_3-1024x1024 Josh Penner Orting Mayor Res-No-2020-2-Opposing-the-City-to-the-PSCAA-Carbon-Fuel-Tax_Page_4-1024x1024

Although it took a pandemic in conjunction with near-universal confusion and outrage over their odd intent to save the environment by reducing the $ in the savings accounts of those that need it most. >the commuter class that can’t afford to live close to where they work< The PSCAA eventually made the correct decision and dropped their proposal to add $0.50 per gallon to our fuel bill. Bravo.  

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