Josh Penner

For Representative R

Josh Penner

Republican For State House

With the retirement of Representative JT Wilcox,

our district needs a new


Leader to represent us in Olympia

JT Wilcox endorses Josh Penner

“Josh Penner is our best choice to represent our area in Olympia. His record as Orting Mayor and his commitment to the Second District’s way of life prove he’ll stand up for all of us.”

J.T. Wilcox House Representative

Penner’s Commitment to Our District

Defend Our Values

We live in a district of small towns and long driveways. We need leaders who respect our right to property, gun ownership, and the jobs that provide for our families.  Josh Penner will defend these values.

Restore Public Safety

Over the last few years, the City of Seattle experimented with terrible policies that undercut public safety.  Then, Seattle state legislators pushed these ideas onto the whole state.  The results are a disaster.  Criminals don’t fear consequences in WA state.  Our communities experience more deaths from murder.  More deaths from drug overdoses.  More violent crime.  And more property crime.  It’s time to fight back.  Josh Penner knows it’s time to restore common sense to public safety. 

Promote Good Schools

Our state constitution makes education the top priority of state government, and yet schools statewide are failing to teach our kids the basics they need to succeed.  For years, we were told that funding was enough, but that clearly wasn’t true.  Josh Penner will work to hold our schools to high standards that serve kids, not adults, or some political agenda.